> Governing Body Composition

Dunvegan Primary School has a Governing Body made up of members elected for a 3-year period. It is made up of 6 Parent Members, 3 Teacher Members, 1 Non Teacher employed at the school, and the Principal. Elections were completed on 9th March 2015.

The members are:

  • Non-Teacher: Mrs C. Spagnolo
  • Educators: Mrs W. van Zyl, Miss S. Sayce, Mrs G. Shaw-Butler
  • Parent: Mr J. de Beer, Mr T. Stevens, Mr L. van Honschooten, Mrs B. Jones, Mrs A. Rousseau, Mr G. Jones

Role of the School Governing Body (SGB)

  • Ensure that quality education takes place at the school
  • Ensure that they are committed to their role
  • Ensure that the SGB is properly constituted
  • Ensure policies are made in line with legislation
  • Ensure accountability and responsibility for the school funds
  • Ensure there is a code of conduct for learners
  • Ensure disciplinary hearings of learners at the schools are handled in a fair manner
  • Ensure that after interviewing for vacant posts at the school the most suitable educators are recommended to the head of department in the province
  • Ensure that the budget is prepared and presented to parents at the annual general meeting for their approval
  • Ensure that school grounds and buildings are maintained
  • Encourage good relationships within the school community
  • Ensure the learners, teachers and staff are safe during school hours
  • Ensure regular attendance as a member of the SGBat meetings
  • Ensure by-elections are held to fill any parent vacancies on SGB

Principles which govern school governing bodies

  • Transparency
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Democracy
  • Non-racism
  • Non-sexism

> Office Bearers

The following are Office Bearers until March 2019:

  • Chairman: Mr. Jan de Beer
  • Deputy Chairman: Mr L. van Honschooten
  • Treasurer: Mr. T. Stevens
  • Secretary: Mrs. C. Spagnolo

> Portfolios

The members are divided up into different portfolios:

  • Finance: Mr. T. Stevens, Mr. G. Jones, Mrs. C. Spagnolo, Mr. R. Laidley
  • Grounds & Buildings: Mr. L. van Honschooten, Mr. R. Laidley
  • IT & Computers: Mrs. A. Rousseau
  • Education: Mr. R Laidley, Mrs W. van Zyl, Miss S. Sayce, Mrs G. Shaw-Butler
  • Public Relations & Gold Diggers: Mrs B. Jones
  • Legal Matters: Mr. J de Beer