9th January 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to 2019. To all the new families of our school, we wish you many happy educational years associated with Dunvegan Primary.

There does not seem to be a family who has not commented as to how short the December holiday was. This does not change the fact that we, as a school, strive to make each year as successful as possible and once again are looking forward to the year ahead.

The school day started with the usual teething problems as pupils needed to be placed in their various classes. This did not take too long, and once all the Grade 1’s and new learners had been placed, the school was running as efficiently as ever. School days are most important and children need to be at school on time every school day.

This newsletter is published on a fortnightly basis and is also available on the website, so please look out for it and read its content so you, as parents, can be aware of news, dates, etc. pertaining to the school.


Congratulations to Miss Dos Santos who got married during the December holidays and has returned as Mrs Thomson.

Being a new year, we welcome some new members of staff on board and trust they will be happy during their association with our School:

Mrs C. Ramos (Gr 5) (Qualified through the Learnership programme)
Miss E Filippou (Gr 2)

Miss K Roberts (Grade 4)

A maternity post is becoming available after the April School holidays. The post is for Afrikaans Grade 6 and Life Orientation Grade 7. Any interested candidates, who are fully qualified with a SACE certificate, may submit their C.V.’s to the school. C.V.’s can be handed in or emailed to reception@dunveganprimary.co.za 


Term Duration
1 (7th Teachers) 9 January – 15 March
2 2 April – 14 June
3 9 July – 20 September
4 1 October – 4 (6th Teachers) December


Please be aware of the following dates that are imminent:

January 2019

7 Teachers start
9 Pupils begin
16 Info evening Grade 1 – 4
17 Info evening Grade 5 – 7
18 New Families Function
21 Governing Body meeting
23 Support meeting Grade 1 – 3 (By invitation)
28 Gold Diggers Meeting
29 Individual Photos
30 Grade 1 Hearing Test
31 Grade 1 Hearing Test


February 2019

1 Grade 7 Sex Education Programme
4 Grade 7 Tour to Bushpigs
4 Grade 1 Eye Testing
7 Grade 1 Eye Testing
8 Grade 7 tour returns
13 Social media Talk
18 Governing Body meeting
18 Grade 3 Pizza visit
19 Inter House Gala @ Bedfordview Primary School
19 Grade 3 Pizza visit
20 Grade 3 Pizza visit
21 Grade 3 Pizza visit
23 Inter House Sports Day
26 Inter House Gala (Reserve Date)


March 2019

2 Inter House Sports Day (Reserve Date)
4 Grade 2 Bee show
11 Governing Body meeting
12 Grade 4 Snake city visit
13 Reports issued
14 Open Parent’s evening
14 Travelling Bookshop
15 Break up day. School closes @ 12p.m.


April 2019

2 Term 2 begins (Tuesday)



This tour will take place from the 4th – 8th February 2019. It is a not to be missed occasion and hugely subsidized by the school. The cost for 2019 will be R800 for the full week.


All pupils must be inside the gates by 7:35 each school day, but for safety’s sake, should not be at school before 07:00. The school day commences promptly at 07:40 for all pupils. Please take special note of the new finishing times for Grade 3 pupils on a Monday.

(Please note that Grade 1 pupils will finish at 12:00 up until Friday, 1st February).

Monday 12:45 12:45 13:45 13:45 13:45 13:45 13:45
Tuesday 13:15 13:15 13:15 13:45 13:45 13:45 13:45
Wednesday 13:15 13:15 13:15 13:45 13:45 13:45 13:45
Thursday 13:15 13:15 13:15 13:45 13:45 13:45 13:45
Friday 12:45 12:45 13:15 13:45 13:45 13:45 13:45



Extra murals for the Grade 2 – 7 pupils will begin from Monday, 14th January. A separate letter will be issued to all pupils on Friday. The Grade 1 pupils will begin the extra mural programme in February.


I am aware of 6 past pupils who completed matric in 2018 (Class of 2013 at Dunvegan Primary) and achieved 6 or more distinctions in their matric exams. This is a wonderful achievement and we are extremely proud of all our past pupils who have just matriculated. We wish them well in their chosen career paths.


The Fees for 2019 are as follows:

  1. Dunvegan Primary School, in terms of Section 39 of the South African Schools Act 84 of 1996, is entitled to charge school fees as established by the Governing Body.
  2. The School Tuition Fees for the 2019 Academic Year will be set at R18 468,00 per pupil. Payment options are as follows:
    1. Monthly manual payments (Inc EFT) (Over 11 months) = R 18 468,00 per pupil p.a.
    2. Full settlement (Due 31 January 2019) 7% Discount = R 17 175,24 per pupil p.a.
    3. Debit Order (Over 11 months) – 5% Discount = R 17 544,60 per pupil p.a.
  1. Unless specific application for exemption is made – in accordance with the South African Schools Act (Act N° 84 of 1996) and the Regulations setting out the National Norms and Standards for School Funding (Government Gazette N° 29311 dated 18 October 2006) – it is deemed that the combined gross income of the learners both parents is such that the full fee is payable.
  1. Exemption documentation and interview procedures will be established by the School Governing Body.
  1. Failure to meet any Debit Order or the settlement in full, will automatically result in the full R 18 468,00 fees being applicable.
    1. All arrears, included previously reduced fees become immediately payable.

Kindly take note that the monthly Debit Order shall remain in place for each subsequent year thereafter that the child is at the School. Cancellation thereof shall only be facilitated by the School on 3 calendar months notice.

Kindly ensure that all the Exemption documentation is filed at the School on or before the 28th February 2019.

Statements are emailed to parents monthly, so they can keep track of their payments. If the parent does not have an email address, then the statements will be issued to the pupils to hand to their parents.

 Banking Details:
Dunvegan Primary School
Bank: First National Bank
Account N°: 51160458845
Branch Code: 201510  (Greenstone Branch)
Please email proof of payment to accounts@dunveganprimary.co.za


Our Fundraising Committee are known as the Gold Diggers Association. They will be holding their first meeting of the year on Monday, 28th January at 19:00 in our Staffroom. Money raised by this association goes to enhancing our school. School Fees run the school. In order to have good security, computer centres, SMART Boards, etc. we rely on the direct efforts of this association.

Please consider coming to this meeting and joining in with other parents to make our school a better place for all. Being part of this is a great way to be involved with the school and for the betterment of your child.


A separate newsletter will be coming home shortly to these specific families. The event will be held on Friday, 18th January from 17:00 to 19:00.


Our Theme to work around in 2018 is: