Admissions 2021

To download a PowerPoint video on how to do the application online, please click on the link below:

Admission instructions 2021

ONLINE ADMISSIONS INFORMATION– A reminder to prospective Grade 1 parents as well as to the Grade 7 parents needing to apply for high school that the online admissions programme is due to open on Thursday, 25th June 2020. This will remain open until Saturday, 25th July, but it is advised that you apply as soon as possible to give yourself the best opportunity of getting into your school of choice.

It appears that the scenario from last year will apply again this year. Where possible, apply using the criteria below from top to bottom. Simply put, living near the school gives a better opportunity of being accepted than working right next to the school. It appears the applications will be sifted according to the following:

  • Children who live in the area – Home address is in the Feeder Zone
  • Siblings currently at the school / Previous school (Grade 7’s to use Dunvegan Primary as their previous school for applications in the town)
  • Work address within the Schools Feeder Zone
  • Home address within 30km
  • Home address beyond 30 km
  • School of specialisation eg. East Rand School of the Arts

Please enter all information carefully and correctly. Do not rush to get the application in as some people jeopardised their position last year by clicking on an incorrect address. An example of this is that there are four Sheila Streets listed. By clicking on the incorrect one, Dunvegan Primary will not appear as an option and you can’t go back and edit once you have submitted.

The webpage will be updated and alerts done on D6 if we received any new information in the next few days.