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Dunvegan Primary School – Admissions 2019

The Admissions Period for 2019 is CLOSED. Prospective Grade 1 and 8 parents will be informed via sms as to whether they have received an offer from a prospective school. The latest information we have received is that this will happen on Friday,3rd August 2018.

The Admission Period for Dunvegan Primary School for 2019 will OPEN on Monday, 16th April 2018 at 08:00.

Grade 1 Applications to first register online at before coming to the school for extra information.

The Gauteng Department of Education has determined the following procedure for Admissions for 2019:

  • Application Period: 16th April 2018 to 28th May 2018.
  • Admissions Period: 16th April 2018 to 28th September 2018 – All pupils who have applied online are to be placed by then.

In finer detail:

  • The Application Period set by the Gauteng Department of Education will be from 16th April 2018 to 28th May 2018.
  • All Grade 1 applications must be done using the online Application Platform running from 16th April 2018 to 28th May 2018.
  • Application Forms (Grades 2 to 7) will be handed out from 16th April 2018 onwards until the end of Application Period from our Front Office.
  • Grade 1 Online Application must to be done first with documentation being submitted to the school concerned by 28th May 2018.
  • Documentation requirements can be obtained from the front office once you have received a GDE waiting list number.
  • Additional information Forms can only be returned to schools for processing from 16th April 2018 to 28th May 2018.

So simplified:

Grade 1 Applications have to be done online and additional documentation then has to be submitted to the school by 28th May 2018

Grade 2 – 7 Applications need to be done by first obtaining an Application Form from the Front Office from 16th April 2018 onwards and returning it (with documentation) from 16th April 2018 until 28th May 2018.

Parents should also apply at their closest school irrespective of their preferences. It has become evident in this town over the last few years that some of the schools are oversubscribed and parents do not always get in to their school of choice. By applying for more than one school, you shorten the odds of getting in to one of the surrounding schools.


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