Assessment Plan

As assessments are working documents and dates may change these will be available on the School Communicator.

It must be remembered that these are sometimes in a state of flux and thus time frames could be adjusted to school needs at that particular time.

Blooms` Taxonomies

Cognitive level Percentage Percentage
Lower Order: 40
Knowledge and recall
Middle Order: 40
Comprehension and application
Higher Order: 20
Analysis, evaluation and synthesis
Knowledge and Recall Comprehension/ Understanding Application Conceptual Reasoning:
Conceptual Reasoning: Synthesis Conceptual
Low Order Middle Order High Order
Absorb Classify Change Breakdown Abstract Appraise
Count Compare Compute Differentiate Arrange Conclude
Define Convert Construct Discriminate Combine Contrast
Identify Discuss Demonstrate Investigate Compile Create
Label Distinguish Draw Organise Construct Critique
List Define Illustrate Relate Create Criticise
Match Demonstrate Predict Separate Design Decide
Memorise Describe Relate Subdivide Discuss Dispute
Name Estimate Solve Formulate Evaluate
Outline Explain Use Generalise Grade
Point out Generalise Generate Judge
Quote Give examples Group Justify
Recite Illustrate Integrate Interpret
Recognise Infer Organise Support
Repeat Interpret Summarise Recommend
Remember Match
Reproduce Paraphrase
Respond Restate
Select Rewrite
State Select
Trace Summarise